Autobiographical Essay Writing

Know How to Write Autobiographical Essays

Several institutions of higher learning require applicants to write a sample autobiographical essay which is supposed to be presented along with other documents at the time of submission. The essay is normally a description of an individual or in this case it may be yourself. This paper is meant to give your readers more information into what type of person you are including; character, life experiences, personalty, beliefs among others.

Whenever you are assigned to this type of paper, you will get very simple prompts which will make it easy for you to develop your points in a decent manner. When writing this paper, you must remember to remain simple since you do not want to portray yourself as a superman but rather give an accurate account of who you are. Below is an outline and format of what your final paper should contain.

1. The Introduction

If you have already been given prompts to choose from, pick the one that seems most interesting and easy for you. The last thing you want is to pick topics that you will not be able to explain well. If no prompts are provided, you need to carefully think about your life in general and the experiences you have had. Once you have made up your mind you can then start by introducing yourself to the reader. You can begin by saying when you were born and where you were born. It is okay to go ahead and give a few details regarding your upbringing although you should not dwell too much on that.

2. The Body

After you have given your reader a little background information about yourself, you can move on into the finer details of the subject you decided to talk about. The key in writing the body is to give your reader a glimpse into your actual life. Explain what has shaped your emotions, thoughts, beliefs among other things. This should be done by pointing out one relevant example after another without necessarily being too lengthy with your words. Use simple vocabulary in order to help your reader understand whatever you may be talking about. Towards the conclusion of your essay, you should give an impression of optimism and high spirits so that whoever is reading may also look forward to your future.

3. Conclusion

As you conclude your paper, talk about important lessons you may have grasped in the past and how they will continue influencing your behavior and thoughts. The lessons you point out in this section should reflect the experiences you described in the body of your paper. The conclusion should also be able to give some information on your current state and what your hopes for the future maybe. This information should be given in a very brief manner.