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Writing a Good Argumentative Thesis

Writing an effective academic research paper of any level requires serious approach to pre-search and research stage of preparation to the thesis paper writing part. It really takes a lot of brainstorming and note-making, before you will be able to come up with a really strong and argumentative enough thesis statement for your script. Usually the first variant of your statement is not good and paper writers do more research and brainstorming before they get an idea of the thesis statement that is descriptive enough to use it.

Building a good argument in your thesis statement
–          It should not be too obvious and simple, thesis statement like ‘war is bad, because many people die’ sounds primitive and is good only for a middle school or high school essay
–          Your thesis statement should be able to rise a logical counter-argument, the strategy should be changed if you see it fails
–          Be careful to make you thesis statement too provocative instead of argumentative, provocations are often tiresome
–          This one is rather obvious. You need to make sure you can prove the thesis statement you make and you need to make should you know what sources you are going to research
–          A good thesis statement may refer to the scholarly work and it too includes your point of view on the topic
–          One can argue against your thesis statement with the use of logic.  It should provide a basis for additional research of the topic, analysis and discussion.

Tips on how to write an argumentative thesis
–          Always remember that your Master’s or Doctoral thesis paper is a serious assignment and has a bigger meaning to your academic career
–          Make sure you research only trusted and the right academic sources, the level and quality of the sources researched means a lot for your tutor, for sure. You should avoid citing blogs and wiki-sites.
–          Format your title page and reference page with accordance to the requirement format (MLA, APA, Chicago Manual, etc.). If you are not sure what the right format for your thesis paper is, then you should contact the professor.
–          Don’t make statements that are not supported by real facts, data and/or citation of the sources you got the information from.
–          Always remember that any thesis writing is not a story-telling and not a description of your point of view formation. Writing an argumentative thesis paper is all about should the result!
–          Study some good argumentative thesis examples to get a better idea and inspiration for yourself. Examples of theses are widely available on the Web, including our website too.
–          Take enough time to write a good thesis introduction, which should introduce your topic and its importance to the reader.
–          If you need to write a thesis outline, then consider using 3 and even 4-level outline if the structure of your script is complex.

Finally, you should remember that each part of your thesis paper must be proofread and edited, before you can breathe a sigh of relief and submit your script to the professor.