500 Word Essay Writing

Help with Writing 500 Word Essays

Most students shudder at the thought of being given an assignment that regards writing a 500 word essay. This is because so many have come to believe that writing such a paper is difficult and will possibly result in poor ranking. The truth of the matter is that writing such a paper is not so difficult once you have an outline of what you should write and how to formatthe paper. Those who have mastered the basics of essay writing actually come to enjoy it since it is a very easy way to get more marks in school. Here are a couple of tips to help you know how to write such a paper.

Tip 1; The first thing you need to know is that constant worry about the number of words you write will keep you from writing a good essay. Simply write your paper and explain all your points in as much details as you wish. If you keep looking at the number of words you have written, often you may end up adding issues that are irrelevant or leaving out points that are vital.

Tip2; You should always have your outline in mind before beginning. This means your essay should have either three or four distinctive sections. These sections must have clear purpose and should contain relevant information. The commonly used outline consists of;



Main Body


Tip 3; Your sample paper must have correctly structured sentences and contain very little or no grammatical and spelling errors. Most of the times, students forget to go through their papers just to iron out issues that may have arisen as typing was being done. Several spelling mistakes and a few wrong words may end up making a good paper unpleasant to read and will ultimately cost you a lot of points.

Tip 4; When writing the introduction, do not give too much information. Simply give an opening statement which will bring your topic into perspective and then share a little information regarding what your solution to the topic is or what you will be discussing in the body. In the main body of your paper, use paragraphs to separate different points. If possible the introduction and the summary of your paper should have one paragraph each with multiple paragraphs only being in the main body.

Tip 5; You must always adhere to the writing style that your lecturer or professor tells you to use. Examples of styles include; MLA, APA, Turbian and Chicago. Failure to format your paper as instructed may very well result into significant loss of marks.

Tip 6; Once you have finished your sample paper, proofread it and remove any words that may be unnecessary. This will help you deal with the issue of exceeding the word limit. If on the other hand your paper is not long enough, as you proofread you may add one or two points to get you closer to the word limit.